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September 2008  

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It's Been a While  
09:00am 29/09/2008
kiba wolf pup
It seems like forever since i been on here. Been busy with work and sleeping didn't have to much time left. When i didn't have to work i been in Denver of Colorado Springs hanging out with furs. So for the past some odd times I haven't been on everything is going well.
mood: happyhappy
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Rocky Mountain FurCon  
10:35pm 25/05/2008
kiba wolf pup
Well its Sunday and RMFC is over :( It was a great con and I can't wait till next year.
mood: thankfulthankful
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Second Life  
06:04am 06/02/2008
kiba wolf pup
I finally joined SL and i love being on there. I have met few new furs on there and hope to meet many more
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User Pic  
08:42pm 30/01/2008
kiba wolf pup
I finally got a user picture for my livejournal account. It was drew bu Vulpinepilot and i love the pic
mood: excitedexcited
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(no subject)  
08:14pm 25/01/2008
kiba wolf pup
My dad has been in the hospital and we don't know whats wrong. Hope he gets well soon
mood: depresseddepressed
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10:09pm 23/01/2008
kiba wolf pup
Went to see Cloverfield and it turn out to be one of the worst movies i ever seen. I don't recommend you go to see it.
mood: annoyedannoyed
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Finally join the Crowd  
02:23am 22/01/2008
kiba wolf pup
A lot of fur keeps asking me if I have an Lj and my answer was always now. But now i can say I have join then and i can keep saying yes
location: Lost
mood: chipperchipper
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